About me

The power that droves me through life is often a process of solving puzzles. And usually, they are quite unique ones. Where many people see something ordinary (like urban traffic), I can see a puzzle which will occupy my mind for several days to come.

As it has been true for all of my life, for studies, I’d picked something which – as I hoped – would help me in solving a question which I’d been encountering every day – human behaviour. So, I chose Psychology.

It didn’t help me in my initial task, but it introduced me to another domain, full of mesmerising questions, just waiting to be solved – to statistics.
I’ve fallen in love with it quickly, and it didn’t take me very long to project my first research questionnaire or to learn models which we didn’t have time to cover in a classroom. I even had an opportunity to display the findings of my studies during international psychology conferences.

Nevertheless, as appealing as the academic side of science was, I wanted to experience a more practical side of it. That’s why, after my studies, I went to mBank, to try to combine my interests in psychology & statistics by working as an People Analyst. There, I had a chance to address many real-life problems, which all of the current world organisations are facing. I was hooked.

However, I still saw puzzles everywhere, and I wanted to solve them efficiently. I realised that to do it I have to be able to use all the data available. That’s why I delved deeper into R, which I’ve been learning since the 4th year of my studies. Luckily, by studying online, I’ve encountered machine learning & Python – both of which became my passions right away.

Currently, I’m seeking for a place which will allow me to deepen my understanding of statistics and programming, to solve exciting challenges and will help me in finding answers to all of the questions which are always buzzing in my head (or at least to some of them!).