HR Research and Analysis Specialist

Jan 2018 – Present, mBank S.A.


• Created automated reports regarding development activities (i.e. their budget, value to FTE, amount of workshops for each department, et al.). It resulted in fewer work hours required in annual examining of board members’ needs concerning development opportunities for the organisation.

• Implemented activities aimed at measuring the effectiveness of development activities (D. Kirkpatrick’s model).

• For the process of planning new HQ of the mBank Group, I collected data on the number of employees, depending on the form of their employment and management, work tools and function in the organisation, which was essential in choosing the new building.

Simplified and automated process of planning and forecasting 7 HR budgets (for the whole mBank Group, including foreign branches), which previously had to be done manually.

Planned and analysed results of a study on trends in the labour market in Poland, which had been used in creating a new HR strategy for the organisation.

• Reduced amount of workload and steps processes required for conducting exit interviews.

• Ensured continuous analytical support for the entire HR area at mBank (analysing data, creating reports & presentations, providing technical assistance, et al.).