USA 2016 Presidential Election from the perspective of Polish society

This study examined how Polish people would vote in the latest American election, given that the Polish society would be the electorate. My primary goal was to investigate how psychological factors would shape a possible outcome from a cultural perspective. To avoid any bias, I finished all of the research processes in the last week before the Presidential Election in the USA, which happened in November 2016.

My primary field of study was personality features within the Dark Triad (construct of Machiavellism, narcism and psychopathy), as well as concepts of trust in politicians and authoritarianism.

Main questions, for which I wanted to find answers, were: how Polish people rate American presidential candidates? How do they perceive them (and why in this particular way)? Do they find them trustworthy?

Especially, I wanted to find out whether they trust Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and what would be some factors which would influence this trust.

I also tried to find out if the conservative electorate in Poland would likely vote for the Republicans and if left-wind Polish electorate would vote for the Democrats.

Poster of this study has been presented at the international conference titled Between narcissism and entitlement: self-enhancement ​in a cross-cultural perspective in 2018. It can be downloaded here.

Whole study, described in great detail, can be read here (in Polish).